Heart iQ Mastery
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Attend the first full day and be COMPLETELY satisfied or get ALL your money back PLUS up to €250 in documented travel expenses! Take in every moment. Take notes. And if by the END of the first day of the event you feel it isn't delivering on what we promised, you can turn in your materials, exit the event, and we will refund your entire registration fee plus up to €250 in documented travel expenses within 30 days. So you risk nothing.
"Choosing this training flowed from an inner knowing that took place in approximately 30 seconds. I listened and trusted my inner voice and I will be grateful for that for the rest of my life."
Priya Mahtani
Heart IQ Mastery Graduate, 2014
Summary of Webinar Special Offer
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Your Journey
Here's the breakdown of what you'll receive and learn...
Small Group Coaching With Christian. 6-week induction training to build resonance... 
The first step in the journey is to build resonance and get on the same page with others in the group. That's why Christian will personally take you and your class mates through a 6-week induction training to kick-start your amplified field. 
Schedule: January 13th - > February 24th
  • Week 1 - Welcome, Tune in, Check-in, Sacred Agreements, Spontaneous Response & Closure
  • Week 2 - Warm Up Exercises, Introduction to Multi-Level Tracking
  • Week 3 - Tracking Resistance Using The Amplified Field
  • Week 4 - Discerning Truth from Conditioning
  • Week 5 - Discovering Your Unmet Needs
  • Week 6 - Introduction to Space Taking & Demo
"I would like to check in... May I have your attention?" Learn the tools of the trade...
Next, you'll spend 2 months learning the fundamental skills of Heart IQ Circle work. This is a critical step in your training, as you'll build a strong foundation from which more advanced practices can be built.
Schedule: March 2nd - > April 22nd
  • Creating An Amplified Field
  • Creating Safety
  • Facilitating the Agreements & Building a Strong Container
  • Building Resonance with The Group
  • Holding Space
  • Taking Space
  • Increasing Coherence
  • How to Warm Up The Field
  • Following Circle Wisdom
  • Laws of Energetic Group Dynamics
  • Leverage The Entrainment Effect
  • Learn To Facilitate the Tune in, Check in, Warm Up Exercises, The Group Read, Closure, Space-Taking Process, Spontaneous Response and the Group & Client Pop-Up
Put on your own mask, before helping others. 7 day live training with Christian 
All great practitioners of Heart IQ have one thing in common - they have experienced the depth of this work in their own life.  In this training retreat you'll be learning the art of circle directly from Christian while simultaneously taking space for your own growth. 
Schedule: April 23rd -> April 29th
  • 7-Day deep dive retreat facilitated by Christian
  • De-brief sessions for your professional learning
  • Take space for your own blocks so you can be a more effective Practitioner
  • Get inspired about what Heart IQ can do for you and your clients
  • Hosted at the Heart IQ Retreat Centre in the Netherlands
  • Attendance is optional although mandatory if seeking certification
  • Live Stream and Event Recordings will be made available
Roll up your sleeves and get to work.Delve deep in to the art and practice of Heart IQ
For the next 4 months you'll be studying the core parts of the Heart IQ Method through the 4 Pillars of Clarity framework. You'll help client's track their judgements, connect to their truth, own their needs and navigate their resistance.
Schedule: May 4th -> September 14th 
  • Pillar 1: Helping A Client 'Love What Is'
  • Present Moment Tracking
  • Helping a Client Connect to Their Innate Goodness
  • Training Your Client To Be Fluent at 'Tracking Language'
  • Second Layer Tracking
  • Tracking Shame & Guilt
  • Releasing Judgements & Taming The Inner Critic
  • Practice Tracking While Receiving Amplified Energy
  • Facilitating 'Body Anchors' To Support Client Safety & Improved Tracking
  • Normalizing Shame & Digesting Core Unworthiness Through The Group
  • Increasing Group Engagement 
  • Pillar 2: Helping a Client Access Their Deepest Hearts Longing
  • When to ask: 'What Do You Want?'
  • Vertical vs Horizontal Needs
  • Focusing Your Attention By Choice
  • Discernment of Truth over Conditioning
  • The A.C.M.I - Area of Client Maximum Impact
  • Developing a Good 'Group Read' - And Why The Field Can Interfere With It
  • Facilitating the Client 'Pop-Up'
  • Facilitating the Group 'Pop-UP'
  • Vision Building
  • Pillar 3: Helping Your  Clients Discover Their Core Needs
  • Pillar 4: Facilitating Client Resistance
  • Pillars 3 & 4 are primarily taught at the Certification Event - see below
It's time to get physical. 7 day live certification training with Christian and the team...
To really grasp the depths of Heart IQ, you'll need to learn the art of Emotional-Energetic Embodiment. This can only be taught live and in this certification training, you'll practice your skills while learning the fundamentals of physicalization.
Schedule: September 17th -> September 23rd
  • 7-Day Certification Event with Christian, Stephanie and the Supervisor Team
  • Small Group Circle Facilitation Experience - get multiple chances to coach, take space and witness
  • Emotional-Energetic Embodiment Training with Physicalization Fundamentals
  • No pressure of assessment, Relaxed learning environment
  • Hosted at the Heart IQ Retreat Centre in the Netherlands
  • Attendance is optional although mandatory if seeking certification
  • Live Stream and Event Recordings will be made available
Love your clients in their darkness.Learn to transform shadows into gifts.
Here, you'll help your clients expand into ranges they have deemed unacceptable or unlovable. Your job is to help them see that the parts they fear are strengths and gifts, which become accessible when they learn to channel their energy through the heart.
Schedule: September 28th -> October 26th
  • Helping a Client Expand Their Emotional-Energetic Range 
  • Identifying Client Defense Mechanisms
  • Translating Shadows into Gifts
  • The Leap of Transformational Awareness
  • How The Group Can Help Reveal a Client's Blind Spot
  • An Introduction to Shadow Space and Witnessing Power
  • Creating a Safe Space For Sacred Shadow Sharing
  • Managing Client’s Fear and Projection
  • Protecting From a Group Ambush
Putting it all together. It's time to take your new skills for a test drive...
When you learn Heart IQ, you'll have it all broken down in easily digestible steps and frameworks. But that's not how life works and your clients will bring chaos. At times, you need to throw the rule book out of the window and fly by the seat of your pants...
Schedule: October 26th  -> December 15th
  • Practice all 'Four Pillars of Clarity' together
  • Refine skills from feedback received from Certification Event
  • Deepen your understanding
  • Develop flow and your unique style
Congratulations!It's graduation time!
At the end of the program, you'll be invited to attend the Academy Summit - a yearly reunion for all Practitioners where you will graduate and get a chance to celebrate with your peers and the Heart IQ team! This will be live streamed if can't attend live.
Schedule: December 16th -> December 18th
  • Weekend Academy Graduation celebration with Christian, Stephanie and the Supervisor Team
  • Join your peers and other past practitioners from all over the world
  • Learn the cutting edge Heart IQ frameworks to add value to your work
  • Party, heal and celebrate together!
  • Hosted in the Netherlands - Venue TBA
  • Attendance is optional
  • Live Stream and Event Recordings will be made available for those who can't make it live

100% Money-Back Guarantee

The course begins January 13th 2016. From this date, you'll have a full 30 days to try out this training including having full access to the live coaching calls with Christian. If you don't absolutely love the experience, just email or call us and we'll give you a full refund! 
Your Trainers

About Christian

Christian Pankhurst is a world-leading authority on heart-centered communication and heart intelligent relationships. He is the creator of the Heart IQ™ Method, a coaching framework that specializes in group dynamics and intimacy development. This methodology utilizes ‘circle work’ to create incredible results by leveraging the ‘Heart IQ™ Amplified Field’ to accelerate awareness and inspired action.

In 2009, he was awarded the title of ‘Britain’s Next Top Coach’ after winning a national coaching competition with a majority of votes from 92 countries and landing a £100,000 media production package. Following this success, Christian opened the Heart IQ™ Academy in 2011, creating a professional training organization that has certified over 350 personal and small group coaches as well as large event facilitators in over 50 countries around the world. The Heart IQ™ Academy offers a one-of-a-kind education by combining professional coach training in both online and live event formats along with embodied application of these  training principles through Christian’s unique circle work method for personal and group awakening.

Christian is also the founder of the Heart IQ™ Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading Heart IQ™ into the heart of families and communities all over the world. Future plans include development of the first Heart IQ™ School at the Foundation’s headquarters in the Netherlands.

Graduating as a Chiropractor in 2002, Christian has worked closely with many world-leading experts in the field of personal transformation. In 2006, after extensive study with mentors from multiple disciplines, he began developing a new approach to coaching individuals and couples that integrates practices from natural healing philosophies, various spiritual teachings, therapeutic psychology, dance and movement modalities, martial arts, embodiment practices, non-violent communication, circling and numerous healing arts disciplines. This grand synthesis provides students with a deep understanding of the human condition and gives them the essential tools they need to help individuals and couples both heal and awaken.

Christian lives in the Netherlands with his partner, Sumir, at the Heart IQ™ Headquarters - a stunning four-hectare retreat and community center near Groningen. Together, they lead the dedicated Heart IQ™ Network team to spread the work of Heart IQ™ around the world.

About Stephanie

Stephanie Fabela is an expert in human dynamics, the expression of the self through embodiment, and relationship intimacy. She has been working with embodiment coaching for the past 14 years in both large and small groups, as well as supporting individuals and couples on their transformation journey. She holds degrees in Art and Cognitive Psychology, which is the study of how human beings develop in their emotional and mental capacity to navigate the experiences of life.

Since 1999, Stephanie has studied the human and energetic anatomy through disciplines such as Chinese and Naturopathic medicine, Network Chiropractic and Somato Respiratory Integration, which all focus on integrating life force through physical expression of focused attention, breath, movement, energy, touch and sound.

In 2011, she discovered the world of Heart IQ™ and began her studies with Christian Pankhurst to become certified as a Heart IQ™ Small Group Circle Coach and Large Event Facilitator. Currently, Stephanie holds two important positions on the Heart IQ™ Network team: Director of Programs and Education and Head Trainer. She works daily with Christian to co-create the training programs that serve those wishing to upgrade their relationship skills and change the course of their lives with coaching the Heart IQ™

Method. She co-facilitates with Christian at all the Heart IQ™ live events, ensuring that students are supported and trained to the highest standards of certification and personal development awakening.

She currently lives in the Netherlands with her partner, Dan, working to translate the extraordinary work of Heart Intelligence so that it is available and understandable to all those who are brave enough to open their hearts to feeling more of themselves and living a more joyful life.


100% Money-Back Guarantee

The course begins January 13th 2016. From this date, you'll have a full 30 days to try out this training including having full access to the live coaching calls with Christian. If you don't absolutely love the experience, just email or call us and we'll give you a full refund! 
Frequently Asked Questions
What are the requirements for certification?
The requirements to become a certified Level 1 Heart IQ Practitioner are:

80% attendance to the supervised calls
Attendance to both 7-day events
Complete the home study program
Watch the 10 MasterClass Webinars with Christian
How much time will it take?
Every week, you will either have a webinar with Christian or a supervised call. The webinars are 90 minutes, and the supervised calls are 2 hours. In addition, you will have a corresponding home study program to watch with training videos, demos and case studies. This content can range anywhere from 2 – 6 hours per week.
When are the supervised calls?
These calls begin the week of March 7th and end the week of December 12th (meeting every other week). Before the course starts, you will be emailed a list of group meeting times and will then submit your preferred meeting times based on your availability. Once we’ve received responses from everyone, we will email you to let you know what day and time you’ll be meeting with your group on a regular basis. 
What technical stuff do I need?
You will need a computer, reliable internet access, a webcam, a computer headset or earphones with a built-in microphone. 
Where will the live events be held? 
The venue for both the training retreat and certification events will be at the Heart IQ Retreat Centre, in Hemrik, Netherlands. It’s approximately 2 hours by train and 1.5 hours by car from Schipol Airport in Amsterdam. The venue for the Academy Summit, for your graduation is yet to be decided specifically but will be in the Netherlands, close to the centre.
What about food and accommodation?
Your food and accommodation is not included in the tuition fee for your training. You will need to budget approximately €90-100 per day, which includes your room and 3 meals per day. The Retreat Centre serves mostly organic, all vegetarian food and is able to accommodate gluten free, dairy free, soy free and vegan diets upon request.
Is this program right for me?
If you're a coach, therapist, counselor or healer or a practitioner working in the personal development field then taking this training will utterly and completely transform the way you work with your clients.

You won't just make a little more impact with what you do - you'll soon have the tools to take your clients to places they didn't even know were possible. 

You will finally feel the freedom to make the kind of difference that you've always known to be possible, but have yet to fully realize. You'll be able to take your clients deeper AND lighter while giving them a true experience of how community is meant to be. You'll be literally transforming their world and upgrading their idea or what it really feels to be 'normal'.

Your clients won't be the only ones benefiting. As a practitioner in this training, you will be part of a thriving and engaged heart intelligent community of other passionate, open and real individuals where you can build life long friendships and receive support.

Many therapies focus on the pain, the block or the area of concern. In Heart IQ™, you will be taught how to help your clients re-connect to Joy, and that doing this in the presence of others can digest their pain, shame and resistance at lightning speed and efficiency without needing to dig up their past, or fixing their behavior. 

But here's the thing. To help your clients return to their natural joyful state requires OTHERS. Relationships and life were part of the environment that disconnected them, and it will be required for their healing.

Therefore, working in a group with a resonant amplified field is key, and we believe, will be the future of all healing interventions and modalities. Heart IQ is like flying to New York in the Concorde rather than taking a boat. It's simply the fastest way to get from A to B.

Working in a group also allows you to focus on one of the most powerful and unique aspects of the work: Embodiment. This is achieved through the advanced practice of Range Physicalization, where you will literally guide the group to provide the client's nervous system with a new cellular memory of what's possible - to re-wire their experience, not just through changing their beliefs at the mind level, but from a deeper more physically anchored place.

The time of solo spiritual practice is over. It's time to evolve beyond the 1-2-1 didactic talking therapies and to embrace a more powerful and transformative way to work with your clients.  

When you discover the power of Heart IQ group circle dynamics, you'll be forever grateful you embarked on this journey and you'll wonder how you ever lived without it before.
I have no experience. Is this still a fit for me?
When you train as a Heart IQ Practitioner, you will embark on the most exhilarating and accelerated path of personal growth you could ever dream of.  

As you help others connect to their joy, you will be reminded of the path back to your own Heart... and in the times when you’re triggered, hurt and in defense you'll know what to do to re-connect and open yourself to life. 

You won't find an education like it anywhere else on the planet... and what you'll learn will save your relationship, set your kids up for life and give you a community that will embrace you and support you for years to come.

When you're in charge of leading a Heart IQ circle, you'll be challenged to stretch your own emotional energetic ranges - for you can only lead another to a new place if you have had the courage to go there yourself. 

You most likely already know the truth that we all teach what we need to learn the most, but there is a bigger more profound realization that will come when you take this Practitioner journey:

"You Are Me, Cleverly Disguised As You"

You see, as soon as you're sitting in the facilitator chair, leading your circle - all the different parts of YOU are now coming through the other members of the group. You're not just facilitating them, you're facilitating yourself!

As you bring resonance and harmony to the group, you automatically bring it into your own heart. As you help them see their blind spots, they will reflect back yours. As you support them to see the perfection of the moment, you expand your own trust in life. As you heal the room, you heal the very parts of you that have been fragmented and disowned for so many years.

You've spent a lifetime searching for a way to build community, to find your people and to realize your own goodness and value, and now the search is over. 

This training will quite literally transform your world and enrich it beyond measure. If for no other reason, do it just for that.

IMPORTANT: If you want to make a business out of practicing this work, it requires a lot of hard work and an entrepreneurial spirit – which is why we mostly recommend it for those people with an existing business who want to integrate Heart IQ into their practice. 

We don’t teach you how to build a business, so while you can take the skills you learn in Heart IQ and apply them to any area of your life, it will ultimately be up to you applying dedicated, business-savvy methods if you want to create an income and impact leveraging your Heart IQ certification.
Is Heart IQ accredited? 
Heart IQ, while having some overlap with other modalities such as coaching and therapy, is a unique and leading edge transformational technology. 

We have chosen to not pursue accreditation because we don’t fit into the box that many of today's leading organization’s try to put us in. We have made the decision to only align with organizations that recognize our core values and methods.

If you require accreditation, we recommend taking additional training in the field of your choice to supplement this course.
Can I make money with Heart IQ?
If you become a certified Heart IQ Practitioner, you are certified for life and can use the skills you’ve learned to run your own circles in your local area, and/or can integrate these skills into other work that you do. 

How much you charge, how often you run groups, and how much you put into your business is up to you! There is no guarantee that you will earn an income and, from our experience, it takes a lot of work to be a successful entrepreneur. We will cheer on your efforts and do whatever we can to continue to promote the Heart IQ brand and our graduates, but we do not teach you how to run a business.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

The course begins January 13th 2016. From this date, you'll have a full 30 days to try out this training including having full access to the live coaching calls with Christian. If you don't absolutely love the experience, just email or call us and we'll give you a full refund! 
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